Photo of Derrick Pitts with copy "Franklin at Home: Night Skies at Home with Derrick Pitts"

Go LIVE with our Chief Astronomer! 

Join us on Facebook each month - dates to be announced. 

Look to the sky. Find your direction. Chief Astronomer Derrick Pitts invites stargazers of all ages to step outside and join him for the first in a series of night sky tours from home. Amateur astronomers, guided by our very own @coolastronomer, will tour the cosmos, stare at the stars, and be amazed by astronomy—no telescopes needed.

How do I recognize a planet? How can I spot the International Space Station? How does the sky move? What type of stars can I see? How do I begin looking for constellations? Ask the questions, satisfy your curiosity, and learn from the best!

If you missed previous editions, you can watch the replays on Youtube!